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Gravity & Time

WVUD Scott Birney Show, Friday October 18, 2002
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A young Dave Meredith walked into Marc Moss’s Target Recording Studio with a notebook full of songs and fist-full of dollars from his paper route. They recorded what became the album “Skatman Meredith” on Silent Planet Records. Soon after, Steve Black took a drive down Appleton Road and the first steps in a years-long journey making music together with Marc. 


Marc Moss was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. He began playing music when he was 7 years old, inspired by seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. A long-time singer songwriter and highly sought after engineer and producer, he most recently was the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in the popular Americana  group “Angel Band”. 2011 was a busy year for Marc, touring the US with David Bromberg, recording and mixing Bromberg’s   “Use Me”. On this new album, he worked closely with the late great Levon Helm,  Los Lobos, Vince Gill, Linda Ronstadt, and Dr. John, to name a few. He has also recorded and released two albums together with his wife, fiddler and singer Ency Austin, as The Mosstins.


Dave Meredith was born in New York and grew up happily in Ramsey, NJ.  He began playing guitar at the age of 21when he received one as a gift from his sister.  Pursuing a career in visual arts, he soon realized music was his calling.  He started writing songs and recording music at home. He played in several bands, The Action Figures, and Nicholas Freight before deciding the folk troubadour route was the way to go. In 1987 he met Marc Moss and they began a friendship and collaboration that still produces new music 30 years later. Marc recorded three albums with Dave that were eventually released on Silent Planet Records.  Dave has toured France and Germany and at venues across the US promoting his Silent Planet releases. He was a finalist in the Chris Austin songwriting contest at Merlefest, and in a Billboard Magazine contest.


Steve Black was born in Flint, Michigan. His formative years were spent in France, Germany and Belgium. He was given a guitar while in the third grade, and with a Mel Bay chord book and late nights listening to American music on Armed Forces Radio, by the time he was in his teens he was writing lyrics of  his own to folk, rock, country and blues tunes. Returning to the USA at 18, he briefly attended college before dropping out to make his living in woodworking. By night he plied his trade as a songsmith, playing mostly solo in and around the Philly folk scene.  His debut album, Time Passes, recorded at Marc’s Target Studios, gained accolades in Songwriter Magazine and other music publications.  This led to much time spent touring, from the Bluebird to the Bitter End, from seedy bars to bookstores. Steve continued to rely on Marc as producer for  two more albums.



Marc got the notion to try writing together with two of his favorite songwriters. From the first  writing session, the magic was immediate and undeniable.They formed Black Moss Meredith, writing, recording and releasing their CD World of Wonder on Silent Planet Records. The trio played gigs in the Philadelphia area in support of their release, while continuing to write and record together.  


With their latest offering Gravity And Time, Black Moss Meredith have once again graced us with a finely crafted collection of Americana. From intimate solo guitar to boisterous roots rock, hoarse whispers to soaring ethereal choirs, from cautionary tales to celebrations of the simple life, we are once again reminded that three minds and voices are better than one. This trio of songsmiths has hit another one out of the park.

World of Wonder