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Next to Nothing

Always racing in the fast lane My life stuck in overdrive Always looking for the next big fix When will this need be satisfied Why

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Winter Morning

No heat will rise from the valley this winter morning Mist and smoke hang like a fog of a dream, slow to leave A consciousness

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More of the Same

Night falls again, welcome my friend So good to have this time to spend Looking back on the day, memories made Not much has changed

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Near the line Will Penn madeThere’s a homestead from the olden daysThe springhouse has fallen downBut the water still flows from the ground Stillwaters, been

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The Chosen Few

Rising from your reverie It’s a rather rude awakening When you realize the dream is not for you But for the chosen few In a

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The Landing

Use to fear so many things Mean dogs rusty chains Tornados, tiny towns Bearded ladies, carnival clowns Was a time used to dread UFOs and

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Katie in a Cadillac

She Rolled off the line in ‘59 Smelling new and looking fine Big white walls shining bright Bound for glory on Saturday night She was

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It’s raining in Chinatown From my window looking down A sea of bobbing black umbrellas Fills the street below It could have been a sunny

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The common people into heaven wandered The tribe of Lenape built a life beside her Years of plenty, peaceful days Until the coming of the sunset on

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