A Winter Sampler


12 Songs, Various Artists.



1) Resolution
Marc Moss ( Black Moss Meredith)
2) Who Knows Where the Time Goes
The Mosstins (Sandy Denny)
3) Christmas In Our Little Town
Moss Meredith (Moss Meredith)
4) Joseph
Gerry Devine (Devine)
5 )Super 8 Christmas
Black Moss Meredith (Black Moss Meredith)
6) Christmas in the Trenches
Austin Lightning Carrothers ( John McCutcheon)
7) The Gift of Children
Moss Meredith (Moss Meredith)
8) Snow Snow
The Mosstins (Pete Seeger)
9) Shepherd’s Song
Steve Black (Black)
10) Winter Morning
Black Moss Meredith (Meredith)
11) Urge For Going
The Mosstins (Joni Mitchell)
12) Parting Glass
Austin Lightning Carrothers (Traditional)


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