Late For The Moon

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2021 CD by Moss Meredith

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3 reviews for Late For The Moon

  1. Dave Meredith

    On balance, Late For The Moon encourages listeners to be driven by love and compassion rather than striving to be right about issues. “If we let the weak among us fall, we’re asking for the same to touch us all” (“Domino Effect”). Rich in melody and thoughtfully produced with mandolin, violin, horns, guitars, drums, and bass, this album rewards the listener after repeated listening. You’ll be humming as you go!

    John R. Williamson, True Tunes Magazine –

  2. Dave Meredith

    This entire body of work is the kind that although you may have a few favorites you’ll want to hear it from the beginning to the end every time. The production in impeccable and the performances are like, how are these guys not famous?? Hopefully this will catch on like wildfire cause the vibe is pure magic!

    Peter Scobell

  3. Marie Lupone (verified owner)

    Love the music and the sound. The songs are all different with really cool themes This album could appeal to almost everyone… I know I like it!

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