Wild Turkey Records

"Music. Fresh From The Hudson Valley"

Copperhead or Cottonmouth

Should have been more careful I’m really in a jam Got more than I can handle I’m a desperate man Should have tread more lightly I didn’t stand a chance There’s trouble in the tall grass In a serpentine dance Into the swamp I go Treading soft and slow Danger all around Only two ways […]

Next to Nothing

Always racing in the fast lane My life stuck in overdrive Always looking for the next big fix When will this need be satisfied Why am I killing me For some elusive dream When all I really need is Next to nothing I saw the answer when I hit the wall Time to quit the […]

Your Guess is Good as Mine

Good as gold in a miner’s hand Quick as silver in a banker’s hand Poke face cold as ice Say a prayer, roll the dice Do you trust the sun will rise You’ll find love while there’s still time You’ll see heaven when you die Your guess is good as mine Gypsy wagons, crystal ball […]

Winter Morning

No heat will rise from the valley this winter morning Mist and smoke hang like a fog of a dream, slow to leave A consciousness being shooken from an eye Spinning wheels, smoking house Air from the north moves to the south And with the breath of life we kiss the mouth This winter morning […]

More of the Same

Night falls again, welcome my friend So good to have this time to spend Looking back on the day, memories made Not much has changed Just let me have more of the same Counting the years, the laughter and tears The joy and the pain Still holding on, still holding out For more of the […]


Near the line Will Penn madeThere’s a homestead from the olden daysThe springhouse has fallen downBut the water still flows from the ground Stillwaters, been here foreverRun deep and never run dryStillwaters, you’re bound for the oceanMy life is but a ripple in time In the days of a nation dividedDesperate souls found comfort hereI […]

The Chosen Few

Rising from your reverie It’s a rather rude awakening When you realize the dream is not for you But for the chosen few In a trickle-down economy What trickles down is the misery Everybody got to pay the piper’s due Except the chosen few Now, look around and tell me it ain’t true The chosen […]

The Landing

Use to fear so many things Mean dogs rusty chains Tornados, tiny towns Bearded ladies, carnival clowns Was a time used to dread UFOs and walking dead Wrong turns flashing lights Strange noises in the night  I’m not afraid of so much now Long as I’m standing The fall doesn’t scare me, no It’s the […]

She Comes up in Conversations

When I’m down, she comes up in conversations It gets around about our friends and relations There was a time I was the one She sets me up and follows me like a chaser She fills my cup and still I couldn’t taste her There was a time we drank the wine How could I […]

Katie in a Cadillac

She Rolled off the line in ‘59 Smelling new and looking fine Big white walls shining bright Bound for glory on Saturday night She was a Sweet 16 in ‘75 Pretty as a rose and itching to ride Forty years have slipped away Now sweet Mama just wants to play Katie in a Cadillac Hear […]