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It’s raining in Chinatown
From my window looking down
A sea of bobbing black umbrellas
Fills the street below
It could have been a sunny day
I’d be out and on my way
But for now I guess I’ll stay
This is my first rainy day in Chinatown

It’s raining in Chinatown
I’ve been here in fairer weather
Walked the streets without a sweater
But with the rain there comes a chill
Familiar with her sights and sounds
In the rain they’re slightly muffled
It doesn’t really slow the hustle
Just colors it in shades of pale
In Chinatown
It’s raining in Chinatown

Like a wedding veil on an anxious bride
The look is changed from either side
Even when the rain is gone
I’ll see the world through different eyes
And different songs

It’s raining in Chinatown
I don’t come here all that often
Every time I do it seems
I see another side of me
A passing glimpse at other lives
Wondering what to so with mine
I’m still waiting for your call
And all the while the rain still falls
In Chinatown
It’s raining in Chinatown
It’s raining